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How To Rank In Google In Just 9 Minutes!

>> This Is The Link To The Software I Used <<

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  1. If you’re watching this early you’ll notice X-Ranker 360 isn’t live yet. It launches tomorrow November 3rd at 11AM EST so bookmark this page and come back to buy through my link and claim your bonus! P.S. I also added in a special tutorial on how to upload your livestream after it ranks without having to do it LIVE. Meaning you can upload a pre-recorded video or animoto video!

  2. looks good. So it will be a youtube video in the end that ranks, true?

    Also, are there upsells that I need to get the full functionality?


    1. You don’t have the first idea of how to optimize your site or perform well in search. MORON

  3. Rather disappointed with your bonus. I have a better keyword program already and the piece about local videos was rather confusing. Why would I be pleased to show a potential client that I am ranking a video for a keyword searched 3 times a month, surely he wouldn’t be that gullible. The Wirecast section might be useful once I am in a position to use it.

    1. Sorry to hear that you prefer a different program to do keyword research. I’m assuming it’s a paid software? My objective in my bonus was to give a free way to research so that no one has to buy anything else. (plus I think the tool I recommended is sick) Happy to clear up any other questions you have at my support desk though.

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