How to Use CloudFlare to Create SSL Certificates & Turn a Profit

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Today's post is going to be super informative and also extremely easy for anyone – even a broke teenager – to do. This method is a really simple and easy way to earn some awesome income, and it really doesn't require all that much effort on your part. Today's post is going to be speaking about SSL Certificates – what they are, why they're important, and why your client needs one.

The Method to the Madness – Even Beginners Can Do This!

SSL Certificates are basically secure websites. These websites encrypt and protect information that is entered into a website, especially for those websites which people are able to make purchases from. A person will always feel more comfortable shopping and browsing on a website that has SSL protection. You may have noticed some web addresses you've been to – your bank's web address, for example – have https rather than http. The ‘s' at the end stands for secure – and thus, you can rest assured that your information and browsing experience will be safe.

Google recently posted a blog on their Chromium blog that states they are going to be putting a ‘Not Secure' notification at the top of each website near the address bar to inform users that a site is not secure and that it does not have an SSL Certificate. This is bad news for business owners because this can drive business away due to fear, and will negatively impact their Google ranking.

This is where you come in to save the day. You can create an SSL Certificate for your client – or for new clients that you seek out (more on that in a little while), and charge anywhere from $100-500, reasonably, and help businesses with a service they need. It's a win-win for everyone – and you'll end up with some pretty great money in your pocket for doing not a whole lot of work.

Now, if you have current clients you'd like to do this service for – that's awesome, just talk with them about the service itself and what it can do for them – but if not, the best way to find some new clients who need this service is to do a Google search. You can begin going through the list of companies you come up with and contacting them one by one. For example, I looked up ‘Plumbers West Bend' and it provided me with a list of plumbers in the area. I can then click on each individual company's website and see whether or not they have an SSL Certificate by looking in the top left corner of their website. If it says ‘Not Secure', you know you have a potential client. You will see the ‘Not Secure' notification on the Chome browser only, so be sure to use Chrome.

The method to creating an SSL Certificate for a business is pretty simple. We are going to use CloudFlare. What you want to do is click on ‘Products', and then ‘Security', and then ‘SSL' from the drop down menu. Scroll down to the plans, choose the free option, and then create a CloudFlare account. Input the website domain into the bar in the center of the page, and click, ‘Scan DNS Records'. Click ‘Continue', choose the ‘Free' option, and then simply swap out your clients name servers with the new secure servers shown in the columns to the right (both).

You will need your client's domain hosting login information to change it for them. The change can be immediate, or it can take anywhere upwards of 48 hours. Be sure to let the client know this. It's important to be up front and honest with them as you talk to them about the steps you will take to secure their site.

Now, there is also another Chrome add on you can install known as Use Loom. Use Loom will allow you to record video, audio, and your screen, or one or the other, or two out of three – whatever you'd like. I prefer to use all three together, and here's what I do. I go onto the business site I am trying to sell this service to, and put together a short video introducing myself, and telling them about the problem at hand (no SSL Certificate), why they need one (mention the Chromium blog post and perhaps link them to it) and offer help and a way they can reach out and contact me, whether phone or e-mail. I then send the video off to them.

Another method to making this madness work that also works great is to use SSL Sniper, which will allow you to look up a specific genre of business in your local area or wherever you'd like, and will pull the business name, and even email address for you, allowing you to save prospective leads and sort through whether or not they have e-mail addresses you can contact or not. Keep in mind this is a paid application, but the small price (less than $20, currently) is so worth the cost in the long run. This method can be really helpful in keeping things organized and allowing you to track who you've contacted and who you haven't.

By using this incredibly easy system, you can help businesses help themselves, while putting some pretty incredible money into your own pocket. It's really pretty simple and doesn't require any special training or technical know how. Like I said at the beginning of this post, even a child could do this. I believe teenagers could make a killing off of this system if they approach businesses correctly.

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