Question: Is This Something That Anyone can do? I really don’t have a lot of experience with videos?
Answer: Yes this is something, even a complete newbie can do. We show you exactly where to start, how to start and what to do. As well we will be adding more and more information, tips and strategies to the membership on a regular basis.

Question: What kind of videos should I create, do I need to get on camera?
Answer: You can create any kind of video you like, this is entirely up to you. Currently we do not get on video ourselves, but we have used our voices for audio, or have had professional videos created for use.

Question: If I have more questions when I join, can I ask inside the members area?
Answer: Yes Absolutely – In fact we encourage it! We want our members to ask question, as all question can help you and other members, and also let us know how we can continue to help you grow your business with more and more training and tutorial. We want to see you succeed, and we’ll do all we can to make sure that happens for you!

Question: In this video you talked about Professional Videos we can use, can you tell me more?
Answer: Yes this is correct. Inside the members area we have a list of “Done for You” videos that you can feel free to use for your business. You can also resell these videos to clients. With a small bit of editing, you can easily make these videos unique and use for as many clients as you want.

Question: Isn’t video just a fad, do you think it will be going away soon. These results can not last forever?
Answer: Here is an interesting stat you may not be aware of: Last year, video comprised the majority of consumer Internet traffic for the first time, making up 53% of all uploads and downloads. By 2015, video traffic will more than quadruple, and the Internet will be two-thirds made up of video.

Video is only growing more and more and not going anywhere.

Question: If I pay today, do I ever have to pay again to stay a member
Answer: No you do not! If you make the awesome decision to invest in Video Lead Box today, you will never have to pay again to be a member, you are a LIFETIME Member!

Question: Can I use videos for affiliate products, or only for offline businesses?
Answer: You can use video for anything you like. We primarily teach about local businesses, but the process of creating and ranking videos is very similar. We focus on offline because we use them for lead generation and charge clients for these, either per lead or per month.

Question: Is this all about ranking “Emergency” services in a city or town?
Answer: No this is about ranking any kind of local business video. As you’ll see in the members area we talk about ranking local videos, and even our case studies show that this is not about “Emergency” service businesses. The information we provide you with now and all future training will help you to easily discover how you can rank videos for almost any local client you want.

Question: I’ve purchased a ton of courses and training lately and have had very little to no success; how do I know yours is different.
Answer: We can not guarantee the success of anyone; however what we can tell you is that if you make the decision today to become a member, we will give you all the tools and knowledge you could ever need to help you get the success you desire. We want you to become a part of our community so you can learn and have the absolute best chance to be successful. We’ll do all we can to prevent failure…we leave the desire to win up to you!

Question: The Tube Ranker Software looks very cool, will you be adding in other software too in the in bonus section?
Answer: We love the Tube Ranker software and as we’ve been using it, we’ve come up with other ideas for software that will allow us to rank videos quicker and easier. Currently we have several new pieces of software in development, and they will be added to the Video Lead Box membership and available to all members.