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Hey, everyone.

Today I want to touch on something I've been thinking a lot about lately. I am going to use the example of Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and Rice Gum. If you've never heard of these guys, they're basically entertainers who have garnered millions of subscribers on YouTube. These guys tend to do a lot of prank videos, music videos, and things that reel in the viewers and keep them coming back for more. I was recently thinking about the key to their success, and I wanted to share my theory to their success with all of you today. The key being: consistency.

Motivation and Determination is Everything.

Whatever your motivation to become bigger and better at what you do may be, you can become as big as you want to if you find that motivation and put it to use in the form of determination. But, consistency is the most important aspect of being big on YouTube.

What good is consistency?

Consistency is key when building a brand and gaining followers. Posting videos or doing something on a daily basis is huge when it comes to YouTube. YouTube stars are posting videos daily, on topics that will interest their fans and followers, and keeping up with consistently bringing their subscribers back on a regular basis as well as gain new subscribers on a regular basis.

If you want to make millions of dollars like the hottest YouTube stars, you can make it happen. The key, again, is consistency and putting out fresh content all the time.

Nothing irks me more than when I hear people say, “I can't do what ‘X'  does.” The truth is, yes, you can. Do you want the truth? The truth is, you are choosing not to apply yourself. Sometimes, the truth hurts – but we all need to hear it in order to make the important changes we need to make to become better at what it is we want to do.

For example, Jake Paul has a total of 367 videos on YouTube. He has over nine million subscribers. He wasn't born with these subscribers; rather, he needed to build his brand, gain a following, and do what people loved to see. He consistently uploads new, fresh content and keeps his subscribers happy. Out of all of the 367 videos, of course he is going to have those that perform better than others, it's just common sense. Meanwhile, though, he wouldn't have the capability in seeing which videos performed better than others if he wasn't constantly uploading new videos. It's common sense that to get to the type of status he has, you would need to follow in his footsteps in regard to creating and uploading content on a continual basis.

If you're feeding yourself the lies and the excuses that you can't do what these guys do, and that you will never be able to gain as many subscribers as they have or be as YouTube famous as they are, and that you will never make millions of dollars, chances are, you won't.

Logan Paul Youtube Channel – Has over 9 Million Subs and Counting


If you change your thinking to become more positive, and develop a strong work ethic, these same results are just as possible for you as they are for anyone else.In fact, you have just as good a chance as they and anybody else does at becoming YouTube famous. It's all about the determination – or the lack thereof.

Is every video going to perform well?

The simple answer is no. Every video you make is not going to be a success. Every contact you make with a potential client is not going to be successful. You could make 10 videos, and only have one video become very successful. That one video could become your bread and butter and so much more every week. Consistency, again, is key.

Rice Gum in ‘It's Every Night, Sis' – Note the view count at well over 67 million views. Wow!

Tips to Attain Top YouTube Status

I want you to create a short term goal today. Maybe it's a 7 day goal, maybe it's a 10 day goal. I want you to develop a plan to become bigger and better no matter what you're trying to achieve. If you want to become a YouTube star, maybe that means uploading a new video every day for the next 7 days. Maybe it's developing video ideas and working on that for the next 10 days.

I also want to see you begin uploading more videos – try for on a daily or every other day basis.

Whatever your goals may be, I want you to just do something to work towards those goals and towards making them reality.

I hope I have helped to get you motivated and ready to become a bigger, better earner than you were before. Sometimes, as humans, we all need a good pep talk to help us become better than we were or better than we have been. Sometimes, we really just need a good kick in the butt to throw us into gear. I want to be that for you today, and help you to see that you can become as great as you want to be, and that the sky's the limit. It all begins with you. Make your dreams happen. Dreams can come true – they do every single day – for those who work towards them.

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