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Want To Be A 6-Figure Earner?

I want to help turn you into a 6-figure earner by implementing the same exact system in your business that propelled me into my first 6-figures. I did it with only 8 clients and the income is recurring, which means you can set it up once and the profits will continue to roll in.

How It Works

  • 6-Weeks Of Training

    You're going to be put on the 6-week training regimen. This system was designed to totally hone in on exactly what you need, when you need it most. We hop on live calls once per week to walk you through one element at a time. No information overload, nothing too complicated and personal attention to ensure you get it right. These calls typically last about an hour long to really make sure we help you get it right.

Personal Attention

  • Call-In Days

    Picture this scenario… We just got off of a live training call, you start implementing the step I taught and you get stuck! Now what? Fear not, we're going to have call-in days through-out the week at different times so that we can help “unstick” you. You'll get my phone number and the days/hours when I'm available. It's this kind of personal attention which makes this program so unique.

What Topic Are You Teaching?

I'll be teaching the system that catapulted me into the 6-figure mark. It's based on helping local business owners get more leads using Google's social network. We focus on quality, not quantity. In fact, with just 8 clients you can reach a 6-figure income. This system is also designed to bring in that income on a recurring basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This System Work Outside Of The USA?

Absolutely! In fact, we've got several students running this successfully from many other countries. You can even target the USA from another country with this system.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee? 

Yes! Follow along with me, attend the live calls, implement the system and if you make no money I'll refund every last penny.

Why Are You Doing This Coaching?

A few weeks ago I saw that someone had a goal to make more people into 6-figure earners this year. That really inspired me and resonated with me. I decided I wanted to do the same thing and help give back to the community.

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